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About Us

At Specialised Project and Logistics Services,

Your Business Is Our Business.

In today’s competitive business market, you need more than just service providers. You need partners who are on your side.

And when a large part of your business relies on shipping, you need a firm who can deliver on time, and with no last minute surprises.

Unfortunately, when it comes to freight forwarding, there are plenty of things that can trip you up.

  • There’s miscommunication of the Term of Sale
  • Your insurance can be inadequate
  • Your purchaser may not have the proper import permits
  • There may be issues with border control. For example, the products may not have been tested for human consumption, contaminants, or asbestos

All of these things cause unnecessary and frustrating delays, costs, and complications that have a negative impact on your bottom line.

But with an experienced and knowledgeable team behind you, you can eliminate these costs and delays.

And that’s our promise to you.

Specialised Project and Logistic Services is a family-run business headed by Mark Salmon who brings over 40 years of experience to the table.

Over the years, he has developed a thorough working knowledge of the industry, including all the potential pitfalls that can affect your business.

This means we have the expertise, experience, and resources to handle any project from small airfreight consignments to oversized cargo. We’ve even transported a 747 for the Malaysian Education Department, and handled all of the security transport.

Our staff makes it their business to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and news, and we make sure all day-to-day documentation and operational matters are taken care of down to the smallest detail so that nothing slips though the cracks.

Because we believe that we’re not just a service provider, but also an integral part of your business. As small business owners ourselves, we know that in order to survive in a competitive business market, you need freight partners who are on your side, who do their best to ensure your goods are delivered on time with no last-minute surprises.

We understand that you want to focus on running your business, and not have to worry about complicated freight transactions. This is why we take the extra time to be fully engaged with you and keep you up to date on every stage of the freight process.

We also believe in maintaining high ethical standards for safety and the environment, and encourage our customers to do the same. Therefore, we never mis-declare cargo to help clients avoid safety issues, or environmental considerations.

The result is a more streamlined, safe, and efficient service.

We don’t claim to be the cheapest, but our extensive knowledge and professionalism means you’ll never experience unnecessary delays, or be out of pocket because of costly mistakes caused by inexperience, missing documentation, the wrong insurance, or miscommunication.

How can we make such bold claims?

While no freight forwarder can claim 100% dependability due to the nature of the freight chain – we do things a little differently – we work with each client to develop a dependable freight plan which suits your business. This means we and you know what is expected of us both and keeps everything on track.

Surprises and problems are then kept to a minimum – work flow and communication is kept to an optimum level and of course peace of mind is the result.

And you can focus on what matters most – maximizing the profitability of your business.

Want to Know More?

If you’d like to know more about our how our professional service can help you, call us on 02 9706 5996 or 0412 099 295, or email Mark at Alternatively, go to our contact page, and someone will be in touch with you shortly.