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Allow Enough Time When Moving Overseas From Australia

So, you have made the decision to move. This could be for a number of reasons:

– career move

– family move

– returning to your country of birth

– or even sending household items to friends or family.

No matter the reason you want to send your household items, a major consideration should always be the timing of any cargo move.

When will I be at the other end?

Or, if its not me, then when do I need my items to be there?

All too often, we see people miscalculate the time it will take for items to reach wherever it is they are going.

And this can have some profound effects on the costs involved.

It is extremely important that as part of any consideration into moving that you should consider how long it will take for this happen, and the costs and options involved.

The more time you have, then the better your options.

From Australia, there is NOT direct shipping to every other country in the world. And shipping services from the West Coast are NOT the same as from the East Coast of Australia.

For example, there are NO direct services from Fremantle to any Pacific Islands or across The Pacific. Nor are there (at the time of writing this), any direct shipping from anywhere in Australia, to anywhere in South Africa… so, it always pays to check; because invariably what you think, will not be reality.