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Bottled and bulk wine exports from Australia

Australia is quite a large producer of wine. The domestic market can only absorb so much, so most of the wine produced is exported.     Bulk and bottled wine exports

Exported wine is in two major categories – bottled and bulk.

Bulk wine is exported in food grade ISO tanks, or bulk in bladders in 20’GP containers, depending on the destination and distance. Bladders in 20′ GP containers are cheaper than ISO tanks, but they do tend to sweat and leakage occurs, so are usually not recommended or use for long haul destinations such as Europe.

Australian wine exported in bulk can be bottled at destination for local consumption, or often it is blended with wine produced in the country of destination and is then bottled and sold as that country’s wine.

Usually this happens with countries that might impose a high import tax or restrictions on bottled wine.

Bulk wine exportsInterestingly enough, this used to be common with New Zealand, but is now a small business and in some cases is now happening in reverse.

Due to the fact that wine is grown and produced in more and more countries, this business is not likely to show any sustained growth.