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Category Archives: Shipping Containers

Articles about freight shipping containers, sizing, pricing, types and more.

Renting or Buying Shipping Containers for Freight Forwarding? Which is Best?

Should You Rent or Buy Shipping Containers for Freight Forwarding?
When considering international freight forwarding for any purpose, there are many decisions that need to be made. Whether importing or exporting stock for business purposes or moving house overseas, making the […]

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A Quick Guide to Buying Shipping Containers

A Quick Guide to Buying Shipping Containers
If you are looking at shipping containers for sale, here is a quick guide to help.
SPLS can help find and purchase a container on your behalf.
Reasons for purchasing a shipping container
Shipping containers are also […]

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What size shipping container do I need?

Shipping Containers Overseas? Which Size do you Choose?.
When selecting a shipping container for overseas sea freight, the most common factor is container size. This will usually come down to whether you will want a 40′ or 20′ container. There are other […]

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Self Pack Containers – Do you need Insurance if you are relocating overseas.

Is Freight Insurance Required for Self-Pack Shipping Containers
In general, we always recommend that you take out freight insurance for your shipment. In the real world though, there are a number of factors that should be considered. You should know the […]

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Different Shipping Container Types and Their Uses

What Types of Shipping Containers Are Available, and What Are They Used For?
There are many different types of shipping containers available. This overview is by no means all-encompassing.
Container vessel sizes are normally described in terms of TEU (also written as […]

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