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Category Archives: General Articles

General articles about shipping and freight forwarding.

Uncertainty in International Shipping and Freight Forwarding

The impact of COVID-19 and other factors on international shipping.
The freight forwarding and shipping industry has had a tumultuous few years, with no signs of a let-up any time soon.
Whilst there is always something happening in the shipping industry, the […]

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Methods for Packing Good for Overseas Shipping

Packing Goods for Overseas Shipping
Appropriate packing of commercial goods for overseas shipping is essential if you want your products to arrive in prime condition.
This is especially relevant for sea freight but also holds true for land and air freight. Similarly, […]

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Sending goods overseas for aid, charity or donation purposes?

Australians are amongst the greatest donators for humanitarian reasons in the world.
This is all well and good and gives us a great sense of feeling like we are doing good things, but often the sentiment can be in conflict with […]

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