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Category Archives: Moving Overseas

Overseas relocation for family or business. Freight shipping a factory or personal goods.

Using Self-Pack Shipping Containers for Moving Overseas

Self-Pack Shipping Containers for Moving Overseas from Australia
If you’re moving overseas from Australia and looking for a new home, you’re more than likely going to be relocating a lot of your possessions. This article will outline the main differences between […]

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Are you relocating internationally from Australia?

A Freight Plan Saves You Money and Gives You Peace of Mind

We all know what a huge task moving house can be. But when you’re moving overseas, that experience is not only daunting, it’s expensive. A clear freight plan is […]

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Moving Overseas & Buying Your Own Shipping Container

Should You Buy Your Own Cargo Container For International Relocation?
In some cases, purchasing a shipping or cargo container for moving overseas can be a viable option.
Normally when goods are shipping overseas (commercial or otherwise) a temporary container provided by the […]

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Moving to Egypt? Self Pack Container Service Available For Personal Effects.

Shipping your personal effects when moving to Egypt.
If you are moving to Egypt, a self-pack shipping container service may be an affordable and viable option. This can provide much greater flexibility and ease the stress of your relocation, however, there […]

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Moving Overseas | Packing up your household goods

The days there are so many resources which enable you to hire people to pack up your goods, or you can do the packing yourself.
This is a personal choice – I would add that getting the correct supplies including shrink […]

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Moving Overseas | What insurance do I need?

Overseas Moving Insurance
We always recommend that you insure your shipment(s). To do this effectively you need to consider the value of the goods, the cost of the overseas moving insurance, the risk involved, and any excess charges or restrictions that […]

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Shipping options when moving house from Australia

Now that you have decided to move, a big question is “how do I do this, and what are my options and costs?”
Basically, you need to decide what it is you want to happen, and then give us a call […]

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Allow Enough Time When Moving Overseas From Australia

Moving Overseas?
If you are planning on moving abroad, one of the biggest elements to organise will be shipping. Shipping furniture and other belongings to your new country of residence will always be a big job (as with any moving house) […]

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Council regulations and packing your container

There is always a misconception about what you can do and when you can do this.
If we are to bring a container to you for you to load, then there are certain rules we have to adhere to.
Firstly, if we […]

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Should I take my car with me when I move overseas?

In general, vehicles can be shipped as part of your personal items.
You should get any cars, motor bikes, push bikes, boats, trailers and the like steam cleaned before shipping.
You will also need to drain these items of all fuel, and […]

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