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Exporting Cars From Australia To Tonga

Car Freight From Australia to Tonga

There are numerous reasons why people wish to arrange car freight to Tonga;

  • Purchasing new or second-hand vehicles in Australia is considered preferable to purchasing vehicles from dealers in Tonga.
  • Sometimes people want to take their vehicles for touring purposes.
  • They might want to simply send a vehicle to family or friends as a gift.

There are no direct prohibitions to exporting cars to Tonga. You will, of course, need to comply with all regulations in Tonga concerning the importation, registration and compliance for the vehicle. Things such as age or value are a couple of the questions that may be asked by the Tonga authorities.

Of course, we can arrange car shipping to many other countries around the world as well as Tonga.

Car Transportation

There are no regular dedicated car transportation services from Australia direct to Tonga, although there is a service via Japan. Shipping via Japan may be a little cheaper, however, the transit time is considerably longer. We can help arrange this for you if budget is your main concern.

If faster transit is preferable, the best option is for you to bring the car(s) to us for stowing into shipping containers. These can then be loaded onto a container vessel and shipped directly to Nuku’alofa.

Either way, we need to know the full details of the customs agent in Tonga who will be looking after your import requirements. We can consign any shipments to them for you, and send them the shipping documents.

Because of international transportation and quarantine restrictions, you should ensure that your motor vehicle is steam cleaned inside and out. This is important whether your car is loaded into a container, or by RO/RO (Roll-On/Roll-Off) vessel directly. Additionally, you should drain the fuel, disconnect the battery, and ensure there are no other items left in the vehicle that you need.

Be careful if you want to leave or stow anything in the vehicle and when shipping by RO/RO. If you do this, no responsibility or liability is held by either the freight forwarders or the shipping line.

Booking Your Car Freight

If you want to ship a car to Tonga (or anywhere else), you should check with us as to the availability and service options.

If you also wish to ship other personal effects at the same time, our self-load container service could be a viable option. Enquire now for more details.