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Exporting Cars to Japan | Overseas Car Shipping

If you are a Japanese national who wants to take your car or other motor vehicles back to Japan or you are moving to Japan for work then this can be done quite easily.exporting cars to japan

There are no direct prohibitions, but you will need to comply with all regulations in Japan concerning the importation, registration and compliance.

There are two main options you should consider.

  • A direct RO/RO service
  • Or pack it into a container and load it onto a vessel directly.

What is a difference between a RO/RO and container service?

RO/RO stands for roll on roll off and is a specific car carrying service. Like taking your car on board a ferry. It is driven on at this end and driven off at the port of destination.

Otherwise we just pack the car in a regular 20 foot container and it is shipped in the normal fashion on a container vessel.

Which service is better?

There are a number of regular car carrying services (RO/RO) from Australia to several ports in Japan.

As much as possible you would utilise these services for cost benefits. shipping cars from australia

But many ports are only serviced by container vessels, in which case the only option is for you to bring the car(s) to us for stowing into containers, and then being shipped to the destination port.

If you want to do this, you should check with us as to the availability and service options.

The ports serviced by the car carriers are not necessarily the same sea ports where containers would go.

How to prepare your car for transportation

Because of international transportation and quarantine restrictions, when your car is loaded into the container, or vessel directly, you should ensure that your motor vehicle is steam cleaned inside and out, fuel is drained, and the battery is disconnected.

With a car carrying vessel – you deliver your car to the port. They will load your car onto the vessel for you.

One more option to consider

If you are taking other personal effects to Japan such as your household goods for example, as well as your car. Then you might want to consider our ‘self pack’ container service.container vessel

This could be a viable option for you.

Click Here for more details about this particular service.

And of course, check with us if you have any queries or would like a freight quote.