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Exporting to Papua New Guinea | Sea and air freight specialist

Papua New Guinea (PNG), is a resource rich country, For the most part, exports to PNG revolve around foodstuffs, communications, building and construction, and minerals, mining, oil and gas. PNG is a sovereign nation, and has many import rules and restrictions of which any new exporter to PNG needs to be aware.

But, almost all manufactured articles can be exported to PNG.

Tariffs are often very high as PNG relies heavily on import duty for government revenues.

PNG has strict quarantine rules and laws, despite any outward appearances. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in fines and cargo return at the shipper’s expense.

PNG is not a signatory to some international conventions, such as CARNET, so temporary exports to PNG are usually treated as if they are permanent imports; and relief or refunds of duties and taxes is often not available or not worth the costs and time trying to get these costs deferred or refunded.

Port Moresby is the capital of PNG. Lae is the second largest town in PNG, and is the gateway to what is referred to as “The Highlands”. These and other major towns are serviced for FCL (full container load) cargoes. Generally there are weekly LCL (less than a container load) consolidation services to both Port Moresby and Lae only, from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. There is only direct air services to Port Moresby, where there are only customs services for airfreight for all ports in PNG. Onforwarding can only occur after the goods are cleared here. Seafreight services are only available from east coast Australia. Any cargo from other parts of Australia need to be moved east. Brisbane offers more direct shipping services than any other port in Australia. PNG Customs is primarily serviced in either Port Moresby or Lae, but there are some Customs facilities in some of the smaller ports only for those direct shipping services. Most other ports in PNG are served via transhipment services.

Despite the nearness of PNG, freight rates for air, courier, or seafreight are relatively expensive. This is because of infrastructure costs, and the fact that in the main, freight services are one way only; but of course, the freight has to pay for the return of the vessels as well. Exporting to Papua New Guinea

Patience is required when considering exporting to PNG. Government approvals, the banking and communications systems are just a few obstacles that can take a lot of time and understanding to deal with.

You simply have to understand that dealing with PNG is not like dealing domestically. Travelling around PNG can be frustrating, dangerous and costly; but is usually worth the effort.

PNG exports include gas, gold, timber, coffee and tea.