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How to export goods to Canada

If you are interested in shipping goods to Canada, then here are a few things to consider. Do you export to Canada?

Australia does not have a free Trade Agreement with Canada, so most commodities are subject to some duties and restrictions – notably wine and spirits and foodstuffs.

Canada has a number of provinces, and there are some trade and language restrictions from one coast to the other.

Canada is, however, a signature to NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement). There are many trade concessions between Canada, USA and Mexico that may affect any goods or services you want to export to Canada.

Some goods cannot cross the border from the USA, so sometimes shipping is not as easy as first seems.

Canada has high risk controls on all imports, so it is imperative that you follow all documentation requirements. If these documents are not in order, it is very likely that they wont be loaded in the first place, but if they were, they certainly would NOT be allowed entry, and all of the costs for compliance are for the account of the exporter.

Exporting From Australia to CanadaVancouver is the main gateway for cargo into Canada from across the Pacific Ocean. Several other ports and cities across Canada are serviced for FCL (full container load) cargoes, but LCL (less than a container load) cargo is consolidated into containers in Australia and can be shipped to the destination by any number of routes.

There are daily flights from Australia to Canada and cargo can be sent on direct flights at premium rates, or held for consolidation.

If you are not a regular established exporter to Canada, then you should thoroughly check all requirements and shipping routes before proceeding.Ocean freight to Canada

If you need advice and a freight rate then send us and email and include the following, type of goods, size of goods, which port the goods are to be shipped, whether you require marine insurance, when you want the goods to be shipped and where the goods are located i.e. do we need to pick up the shipment or will you deliver it to our warehouse.  Plus of course your name and contact details.