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Importing From New Caledonia | Sea and Air Freight Specialists

The major production and export from New Caledonia is nickel, which is predominantly shipped as ore in huge volumes to Japan and Europe for processing.

New Caledonia ImportsThey were exporting very low grade ore to Queensland Nickel, but that company has gone broke and nothing has replaced this as yet. The country was having discussions with China, but New Caledonia decided this was not in their best interests….. QWho knows what they might do now? There are ongoing discussions with China which may have some political overtones.

Other exports to Australia are very minimal, but because of mining, there is some machinery that is exported from New Caledonia to Australia for refurbishment or parts.

New Caledonia is a GAS (Giant African Snail) country, and any import from New Caledonia is subject to very stringent DAFF (Quarantine) checks.

In fact, one of the RO/RO operators whose next destination is Australia, will not pick up any cargo from there for fear of contamination of their other cargo – not just for anything that may come to Australia, but for other countries that are next ports of call.. Which leaves only limited shipping and port options. Any company importing from there needs to consider what shipping or airfreight options are available.

Airfreight is treated without the same biosecurity issues – a very good question mi9ght be why? Nevertheless, importing goods for either personal or commercial use is much easier and more friendly by air than sea. Of course, the freight,l and handling costs are different, and any importer should take this i9nto account.Shipping and airfreight to New Caledonia

Despite the nearness of New Caledonia, freight rates for air, courier, or seafreight are relatively expensive.

Port charges in Noumea (for air and sea) are government controlled for both import and export, and are in addition to any freight rates quoted and again, are relatively expensive.

Bottom line, is there anything that you might want to import from there? And if so, you really must want to do this! (And most importantly, is there a market here who will pay for whatever it might be that you want to consider to bring from there?)