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What Is A ‘Dependable’ Freight Shipping Plan?

What is a Freight Shipping Plan and Why Do You Need One?

A good freight or shipping plan is essential no matter where you are on the freight ladder.

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The Freight Ladder

Your shipping plan allows us to know what you want, what you need, and what your expectations are. It allows us to set up the freight process for your company so that it best suits your project outcomes. It is an effective way of matching requirements with shipping services availability.

This ensures your shipments get to where they need to be when they need to be there.

The freight plan also helps outline what we need from you based upon the expectations of international shipping. We can formulate you a thoroughly dependable freight plan which allows for easy execution of business with regular and timely communication.

What Does Your Shipping Plan Contain?

A freight plan contains all the relevant information needed for your shipping. This includes;

  • Shipping schedules.
  • A clear outline of origins and destinations.
  • Timeslots and locations for deliveries, loading, unloading, and other transportation.
  • Checklists of required shipping documentation and which party needs to provide it.
  • Recommendations for packing requirements and times based upon cargo type.

Having easy access to all this information makes the process of transporting goods less prone to unpleasant surprises. A clear outline of the responsibilities for each party and clear communication also aids in a trouble-free process.

The Benefits of a Good Freight Plan

The benefit of setting up shipping plans with us is that we are there to provide support if things go wrong.

Due to the nature of the freight chain, no freight forwarder can offer 100% accuracy with the shipping plan. There are always elements out of anyone’s control such as weather conditions, geopolitical situations or other unexpected occurrences.

What a reliable freight forwarder such as ourselves can offer is responsiveness to any changing circumstances during freight transportation. Knowing how things should go means it is easier to make suitable decisions if the original plan goes astray. The research that has gone into the original freight plan is still relevant to considering alternatives.

Dependable ProcessWhy Specialised Project & Logistics Services (SPLS)

Our freight & logistics services and shipping plans are customised to you and your business. We act as a freight consultant with you regarding the unique circumstances and needs for your business or relocation. We learn about what you want to achieve and recommend the best ways of doing this.

Whilst we don’t claim (or aim) to be the cheapest, our extensive knowledge and professionalism mean you’ll never experience unnecessary delays. You won’t be out of pocket because of costly mistakes caused by inexperience, missing documentation, the wrong shipping insurance, or miscommunication.

We also believe in maintaining high ethical standards for safety and the environment and encourage our customers to do the same.

As a family-run business, we also love getting to know and act for our clients personally. We look forward to smooth and long-term relationships, helping your import/export business grow.

Overall, the result is a more streamlined, safe, and efficient shipping service. We ensure your freight is moved on time and on budget with minimal fuss and bother.

If you like the sound of a reliable and professional shipping partner, contact us today for a consultation. We can come to you to discuss your needs, or we can communicate via phone, skype, or email.