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Want to Travel With Your Car Overseas? You Need a Carnet de Passage.

Travelling With Your Car Overseas

Do you want to take your car overseas when you travel? A road-trip, perhaps, or just comfortable in your own vehicle?

For an extended overseas trip, car hire can get expensive. You may be interested in investigating what a carnet is and how it may be of use to you.

Shipping Your Car to Another Country You Where Intend to Reside

If you are emigrating or intend to live in a country for an extended time it can be worth taking your car with you. In this circumstance, you shall be simply importing your car to the new country.

The process for this is fairly well-known (though will depend on the specific country in consideration). There will, of course, by import duties and fees associated with this.

We recommend pre-paying any local port charges this end before you leave. We also advise engaging a local customs agent to handle the destination process for you. 

But what if you are only travelling for a short time and want to take your car with you?

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Take Your Car Travelling

This is where a carnet may be suitable for you. 

A carnet (short for “carnet de passage”) is a temporary import document. This allows you to take your car to other countries without paying the same sort of import fees that would apply normally.

Carnets are not available for all countries, so it is important to check this possibility before making travel plans.

Arranging a Carnet de Passage

A carnet is available from the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) or the Royal Automobile Club of WA (RAC). Their websites also have a list of countries that accept carnets and also outline the costs of applying for one.

Generally, a carnet is available for a 12 month period. This can normally can extend it for another 12 months should the need arise, although additional fees will apply.

When planning to travel this way, first of all, find the automobile association of the country you are visiting. They will have information that outlines what will be expected when you arrive in the country. 

It also pays to check out the homeland affairs department, customs department or local equivalents of the countries you will visit. This will help verify the procedures you and your car will need to go through upon arrival. Additionally, remember to check on any fees associated with this process. This research will help you determine whether it is worth taking your car with you versus either renting or buying locally.

Further Resources for Obtaining a Carnet and Shipping Your Car

The Department of Local Infrastructure and Regional Development has further information about carnets.

For any sort of overseas vehicle transportation, we recommend reading our article on preparing your car for shipping.

Please come and speak with us to arrange secure shipping of your vehicle to your chosen country of destination. Once we get you there, we wish you safe travels.

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