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LCL Export of Craft Beer

If you are wanting to export your craft beer outside of Australia, then below are some pointers to keep in mind when organising your cargo for shipment.

Craft beer usually travels in temperature controlled containers (called reefers).

Unfortunately the only export trade that offers such a trade currently is from Sydney to Auckland.

So, the options are:

1) piggy back with an existing exporter for shipping in to each market, or

2) develop a shipping service in conjunction with us.

The problems for each brewery are being able to enter any specific market. Finding partners who already ship to all the potential markets is highly unlikely, let alone being able to supply relatively small quantities on a regular basis.

Of course, shipping LCL cargo without temperature control to anywhere is relatively easy. Many potential markets are served directly, or at least by a transhipment service. There are several things to consider – direct or transhipment, and transit time probably being the main things. obviously the name and quality of the product at destination is all important. So, even if the goods were shipped by a temperature controlled container from here, a big question is how will the goods be handled there?

Some breweries have been known to ship their product as general cargo. The thing to consider is that the temperature inside a container is going to be hotter than outside, and the air will be stagnant and stale. And, the temperature can vary dramatically depending on where the container is stored on the vessel. Whilst care is taken if special requirements are known, but there is no guarantee.

Anything and everything we do is treated completely confidentially, and we are always looking to build new consolidation services to different destinations.

Should you and your micro brewery want to ship overseas, we can discuss if we can help or even perhaps start another trade lane if there is enough demand.

Please contact us if you are wanting to ship your craft beer overseas and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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