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Moving Overseas & Buying Your Own Shipping Container

Should You Buy Your Own Cargo Container For International Relocation?

In some cases, purchasing a shipping or cargo container for moving overseas can be a viable option.

Normally when goods are shipping overseas (commercial or otherwise) a temporary container provided by the shipping line would be used. With these, you will have a limited amount of time following delivery to return the container clean and empty. Generally, the time is around 10 days before you start to incur container detention charges (known as demurrage fees). These are charged daily and are quite expensive.

Hopefully, with your move, you will have accommodation waiting for you at the other end. If you can unpack the cargo container quickly and get it returned to the shipping line, a temporary container will suffice. Check our article on packing your household goods for some tips on getting them into the container.

If a fast turnaround is doubtful, purchasing a shipping container may be the way to go. It can be used for your personal storage at your destination, and there will be no time restrictions. We can help you to purchase a suitable container and arrange shipping.

Cargo container compliance

There are a number of factors to be aware of when moving overseas and arranging international shipping;

  • All cargo containers shipped globally must have a current compliance plate. This is a little like registration plate for a car. The shipping container compliance plate is similarly attached to the outside of the container.
  • Non-plated containers cannot be legally shipped.
  • Your shipping container should be wind and watertight. The roof is the most important; even a pinhole or rusted area can lead to water ingress. This, in turn, can lead to unwanted and unnecessary cargo damage, and may actually void any cargo insurance.

Our guide to buying shipping containers also has further information on choices, requirements and pricing.

Container storage at destination

If your container is going to sit for some time in a storage depot or yard, a few quick checks can save heartbreak.

  • Consider the prevailing weather conditions with how and where your container will be stored.
  • Try not to leave the container sitting directly on the ground. Whilst it may take some time, groundwater damage can eventually occur. You don’t want this to cause damage to your valuable possession.
  • Of course, ensure that any cargo inside the container is secured properly and the container is locked.
  • Consider what access you will have to the storage site. When and how will you be able to access your container?

Purchasing a cargo container for moving overseas

The cost to purchase a cargo container depends on a combination of several factors. Containers are sold based upon supply and demand availability and a generally paid for in US dollars. This means the current US exchange rate will need to be taken into account. Additionally, the quality of the container has a considerable effect on price.

If purchasing a shipping container is only a temporary requirement, you can resell the container once you are unpacked. Alternatively, you can reuse the same container again if you are planning another move. Of course, you would need to check the compliance plates were still valid.

We can arrange to purchase a new or second-hand shipping container and compliance plates on your behalf. Please call for more information.