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Moving Overseas | How to find an agent at destination

Given that you have decided to move, what type of container you will need, and when this is going to happen, you will need some sort of contact or representative at the other end.

This may be a friend or family, but ideally this will be some sort of customs broker who will represent your interests and is well aware of all the rules and complexities of you bringing in your personal and household effects.

If applicable, you should check with your employer as to if they have a regular, reliable agent they use at the other end.

Or, you can ask your friends or family if they can suggest or recommend someone.

Failing either of those options, the next best thing you can do is find someone on line, and then communicate with them to check that they can attend to all of your requirements in a prompt and professional manner.

Whoever you decide, you would need to let us know the full company, address and contact details of whoever will represent you, so that we can communicate with them and send them any shipping documents in advance of your arrival.