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Moving Overseas | Packing up your household goods

The days there are so many resources which enable you to hire people to pack up your goods, or you can do the packing yourself.

This is a personal choice – I would add that getting the correct supplies including shrink wrap, tape, boxes and lots and lots of bubblewrap is a relatively easy thing to do.

Below I have listed a few resources I have found on the internet.

Also check out ebay for boxes, bubblewrap and the like also.Affordable international household removals

I have also found some videos on youtube which will give you tips on how to pack your goods for container shipping.

Really spend some time and educate yourself on how to pack your goods safely and properly – remember that at sea the ship can encounter 20 metre swells – your goods must be packed well and secured well in the container.

Some simple and basic tips to begin.

  1. Decide if you want to pack your own goods or hire someone else to do it.
  2. Work out exactly what pieces you will take with you and which pieces you will sell or give away.
  3. Buy your packing supplies if you are doing it yourself.
  4. Give yourself enough lead time to pack up all your things.
  5. Create a packing list of everything you have packed and are taking, not only for your own use, but also for customs at the other end. Take pictures of goods if necessary.
  6. Label all boxes – this will help you out at the other end.
  7. If you are using a removalist to transload your goods from your house into the container at the bond store – check with us when you need to book them so everything runs smoothly. Ask if you can accompany them or meet them at the bond store – so you can oversee the loading of the container.
  8. If you have elected to have the container dropped onto your land or are having a truck and the container wait outside your property while you load it. Ensure you have plenty of people to help you pack and secure your goods within the container, you will need to buy straps and use blankets to help buffer the movement within the container. Keep in mind those 20 metre swells at sea.
  9. Check that you have transit insurance (either yours or the removalist) – this will insure you goods while they are being transported from your home to the bond store or wharf.
  10. If you are packing a container at your place of residence, when the container has been locked and sealed. Record and send us a the seal number – we will need this for your documentation and/or take a photo of the seal and seal number and send us that also.

Some internet links which you may find useful.

Hiring a box packer.

See if you can find local companies to do this for you.

Or gather together a bunch of friends and/or do it yourself. Be sure to watch some of the youtube videos

Buying Boxes, bubblewrap etc.

Also try doing a search on ebay or check out bunnings for packaging as well.

Youtube Videos on helpful packing hints.

If you look down the right hand side of youtube – there are many more examples. Packing small goods is easy. For bigger goods and if you are electing to pack your own container. These videos may be quite useful for you.


Check out your classified ads in your local paper. Prices can vary widely. Ensure that they understand they are delivering your goods to a bond store and packing your container for you. Ask if they can provide any strapping necessary to tie down any heavier goods within the container.

Do a local internet search for ‘removalists’, ‘household removals’

If you are moving from interstate. This is the easiest and most cost effective option for you. You pack the goods and the removalist loads your goods – drives to the bond store and packs your container for you. We can notify the bond store re the arrival of the removalist and so on.

Planning is cruicial at this stage so that everything runs smoothly, and there are no extra costs incurred due to hold ups or bad planning.