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Moving Overseas? Self Pack Container Shipping – Buying your own container

If relocating overseas – you may wish to buy your own container.Shipping Container for overseas relocations

In some cases this may be a viable option. Hopefully you have accommodation waiting for you at the other end, but sometimes this is not the case.

Normally we would use containers provided by the shipping line; but you will only have a limited amount of time (normally 10 days) from vessel arrival, until when you have to return the container clean and empty.

Remember – you only have the container on loan from the shipping line and if you do not return the container within the allocated time then you will incur container detention charges – charged daily. These charges can become quite expensive.

However, if you have somewhere to store the container at your destination then we can arrange for you to purchase your own container for shipping.

Once at your destination you can arrange for cartage of the container to your local address, then you have no time restrictions and the container provides long term storage for your possessions.

If you decided to do this, you need to be aware of the following:

– all containers shipped globally MUST have a current compliance plate; just like a motor vehicle registration, and this a plate on the actual container.

Non plated containers CANNOT be shipped.

self pack containers for relocating to New ZealandCheck that your container is wind and water tight.

Theoretically all containers should be, but you should check just in case. Particularly the roof – even a pinhole or rusted area can lead to unwanted and unnecessary cargo damage, and may void any cargo insurance. The simplest thing to do is to lock the container with you inside – you will soon know!

How and where will your container be stored at destination?

If its in some sort of transport yard, then that should be fine, but just check; and definitely ensure that any cargo inside the container is secured.

Or, if its in a yard or similar, please try to have the container not sitting on the ground – it may take some time, but groundwater damage will eventually occur, and you would not be happy for this to then cause damage to your valuable possessions.

Just consider the weather and how and where your container would be stored.

We can arrange to purchase and plate containers on your behalf, or you may choose to purchase containers separately. it is all up to you.

Containers can be purchased new or second hand.

Moving Overseas?


There is no fixed cost for these. The actual cost depends on a combination of several factors at the time…. the US Dollar exchange rate, supply and demand, and the quality of the container.

And, if this then became only a temporary requirement, you could then resell the container over there; or even reuse the same container if you moved again (provided the plate was still valid)

Buying a container can solve many issues for you at your destination and the cost of a container is fairly reasonable especially if you know you have to store your goods for any length of time.

If this is a consideration, please call us to discuss your requirements we can secure new or second hand containers to suit your needs.