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Moving Overseas | What can’t I take?

Firstly, you need to check the regulations at the other end for if there is anything that is a problem. In general, all used personal and household items are OK.

Go here – we have a list of customs departments in various countries, which will help you check current regulations.

But, please check the rules specifically for thing like motor vehicles, motor bikes, jet skis, trailers and the like. Some countries have rules concerning the age, right or left hand drive, engine size, road rules and restrictions, and so on.

All such items need to have any batteries disconnected and have all fuel drained. Otherwise the whole container will be subject to being shipped and handled as hazardous cargo which will attract some restrictions and extra costs.

Likewise, you cannot pack items such as gas cylinders, aerosols, many cleaning products and so on. Items such as these are considered hazardous and obnoxious and create far more problems than they are worth. Items such as these should be carefully and properly disposed of prior to you packing any container for shipping.

Foodstuffs may also present problems at your destination. Usually any fresh type foodstuffs are restricted, but you should always check what you can and cannot do.

Under NO circumstances should you even think of taking any fresh foodstuffs anywhere.

And, things like golf shoes, sporting equipment and the like should be thoroughly cleaned before packing. Many countries have their equivalent of quarantine restrictions, and will cause problems and expenses if you are not meticulous.

Remember that ignorance or forgetfulness are not legitimate excuses. Please follow all the rules and declarations closely, carefully and accurately.

Below is a list of some of the goods you should not pack – this is by no means a complete list – be sure to check with your local and destination government agencies re what goods are not allowed – the list may be subject to change.

Do Not Ship any opened containers of any liquids. Internal combustion engines or other equipment.  They must be drained of all fluids ie petrol, oil and the like before shipping.



All Food




Battery with acids


Cleaning fluids

Combustible liquids

Contraband or illegal goods

Corrosive liquids




Engine starting fluids


Iron/steel rust preventatives



Lamp oil

Lighter fluids

Liquid Poisons


Motor Oil

Oil stains for wood

Paint and paint-related materials



Petroleum products


Propane tanks