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Moving to Egypt? Self Pack Container Service Available For Personal Effects.

Shipping your personal effects when moving to Egypt.

If you are moving to Egypt, a self-pack shipping container service may be an affordable and viable option. This can provide much greater flexibility and ease the stress of your relocation, however, there are still numerous factors to consider.

Challenges of shipping to Egypt

You need to check any and all requirements for shipping to Egypt. We have been advised of different Customs and import requirements in some ports. Self-pack container services can be booked to arrive at Alexandria, Damietta, Port Said and Sokhna.

With regard to the freight companies, not every shipping line calls at every port. It is imperative that you know exactly where you want your container to go. This way we can provide the correct container and advice to ensure your goods arrive at their intended destination.

It is imperative that you decide if you have a residence to move into immediately. Consider whether you will need to store the items for any amount of time.

All shipping lines only give us about 18 days free time for their container from when we pick this up until when we return it to the port. Whilst the shipping is weekly, the vessels only receive on specific days; so please check with us for the free days before you just get a container.

All shipping lines only give us a limited amount of time (usually 10 days from availablity) to return their container to the nominated depot at destination. After that, they start charging rather large amounts for container detention (known as demurrage fees). The argument for the shipping lines is that they could use the container for other shipments.

The alternative is to purchase your own seaworthy and plated shipping container which you can keep for an extended loading period. Because you own the container you do not have to return it within any time period. The container can be used for extended periods of storage for these or other items, and may be sold at a later stage.

Transportation times to Egypt

The transit time is about 7 weeks, so you need to make your departure and arrival plans to suit.

You will need someone at destination to act on your behalf. You will need to appoint someone before you arrange any shipping, and we need to know their contact details.

There may be some documentation you will need to complete on arrival, but this is not onerous. Essentially the process at destination is the reverse of what happens here. Your appointed agent will make sure your goods are handled efficiently and with a minimum of fuss.

SPLS Freight Forwarding and Self-Pack Container Services

We now offer self-pack container services that ship to ports in Alexandria, Damietta, Port Said and Sokhna. Unfortunately our infrastructure and services do not allow us to provide any transportation services within Egypt. Additional transportation can be arranged by your nominated agent, however.

We can guide you through the process of purchasing a shipping container, and work out an individual plan and schedule to fully support your relocation. Contact us for more information.