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Self Pack Container Shipping to New Zealand – FAQs

Self Pack Shipping Containers for Shipping to NZ – the Common Questions

Freight forwarding involves an almost endless number of questions, and rightly so. When it comes to shipping self-pack shipping containers to New Zealand, these are a few of the most common.

Which New Zealand ports do we ship to?

This is the most common question we are asked when shipping to New Zealand.

Containers can be sent to all main ports, but not every shipping line calls every port, nor is the cost the same. It may be a matter of timing or it may come down to budget. Let us know where you want your self pack container sent and we can give you the best options to get it there.

The main ports in NZ are Auckland, Wellington, Lyttelton (Christchurch), Port Chalmers (Dunedin), and Self Pack Shipping Container for International RelocationsTauranga. Here is the NZ Government list of standard approved ports.

Once the container arrives, you will be given a couple of days to collect the container from the port. You then need to unpack the container and return the empty shipping container to the shipping line.

For this reason, it is imperative you are well organised and have dealt with your customs paperwork promptly. You must then arrange for the container to be picked up in a timely manner. If the container is not picked up within the allocated time the shipping company will charge additional fees. These are known as “demurrage fees” and can become quite costly over time.

How much fits into a 20-foot self-pack shipping container?

Whilst a 20 ft shipping container may seem relatively small, in reality it is quite spacious. Self-pack shipping containers of this size can comfortably fit most three bedroom houses.

When packing your shipping container, if you are concerned about space, here are some suggestions for packing your goods.

What is the process of shipping from Australia to NZ?     

Make sure you have your packing list and fill in the necessary customs forms from Customs or engage a local customs agent in New Zealand to do the customs clearance for you.

If you are using a customs agent, let us know who they are – so we can forward your shipping documents to them. They will also be able to organise cartage of the container to your new residence. Once you unpack the container, the cartage company will then pick up and return the container to the shipping line.

Alternatively, should you wish to arrange the final road transportation yourself, try calling local cartage companies and get some prices.

Another method is to hire a cartage company to pick up and deliver the box to their own depot. From the depot you can organise a local removalist to unpack the container and deliver the goods to your house. The cartage company then returns the container to the shipping company for you.

None of this work is difficult; it simply takes a few phone calls and a couple of decisions. The bonus in taking control of these steps yourself is that the monetary savings can be immense.

Do I need cargo insurance?

We always, always recommend that you have adequate insurance. Do not think that it is saving money by omitting this step. Imagine, instead how you would feel if you lost everything. This is where ‘peace of mind’ lies in the whole process.

We can recommend an excellent insurance company for you.

I am moving overseas – what do I do now?

Once you know the approximate time frame for your move, please contact us online or by calling Mark or Susan by on 9706 5996. As there can be much to do and organise for an international relocation, it is important to get started early.

Again, let us know when you want to move and we can create a shipping plan for you. Remember, when it comes to overseas shipping, planning is everything.

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