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Do You Have Regular Business

If you have regular import or export business – then this is where our our ‘dependable freight plan’ becomes absolutely necessary.

You have expectations of what you need and we have expectations of what we must have to complete a freight shipment successfully and on time.

  • This can only happen if we work together.
  • Have regular communication.
  • And have reasonable expectations of each other.

Our core business is small to medium businesses.

We believe that we’re not just a service provider, but also an integral part of your business. As small business owners ourselves, we know that in order to survive in a competitive business market, you need freight partners who are on your side, who do their best to ensure your goods are delivered on time with no last-minute surprises.

We understand that you want to focus on running your business, and not have to worry about complicated freight transactions. This is why we take the extra time to be fully engaged with you and keep you up to date on every stage of the freight process.

And you can focus on what matters most – maximizing the profitability of your business.

Mark has over 40 years of experience, it would be very fair to say, he knows what works.

Do you have a dependable freight plan?

If not, contact us now.

We can meet in person, via telephone, email and/or skype and work together to ensure all your requirements are handled correctly.