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Do You Need A “One Off’ Job

Infrequent International Shipping Services

If you international shipping services to import or export on a fairly irregular basis then this is where you want to start.

Overseas freight shipping is not just about asking for a freight quote. The rate does not, and should not determine how you send your cargo. Getting your goods to their intended destination safely and on time requires knowledge and experience. This is where we can assist.

There are numerous considerations when shipping overseas

  • What are you exporting or importing?
  • What are the dimensions and weight of your cargo?
  • When do you want the cargo to arrive?
  • Is the cargo ready to ship?
  • Do you require local transport?
  • Do you require customs clearance?
  • Do you have insurance?

Additionally, if you are importing, has the goods supplier nominated the international shipping services and/or freight forwarder? This is not usually the best idea as you may not be aware of what (and more worryingly, what is not) included. If it is your freight, you must control the cargo. You are then in control of, and aware of all the potential fees and charges.

These and more questions need to be considered before you do anything. Remember; it is not just about the freight rate.

All cargo shipments, no matter how big or small, need to be thought of through this lens.

What are some examples of one off freight jobs?

There are many reasons why individuals or businesses may need irregular or one-off freight forwarding services.

  • Machinery import or export – industrial, domestic or agricultural machinery that needs to be shipped only very infrequently.
  • Self pack shipping containers for international relocations. Read more in our article about moving overseas affordably.
  • Export of your car to NZ, UK, Japan, Asia, Europe, North or South America and so on. As an example, read our article about exporting your car to Japan.
  • Importation of commercial goods or samples from a new supplier. This, of course, may lead to more frequent shipments. You are able to test the waters for the freight forwarding as well as the goods themselves.
  • And of course any other type of freight which is not ‘regular’.

Have a considered freight plan

A freight plan will provide all the details for what your shipment requires with steps and stages outlined. At SPLS, we offer a comprehensive freight plan as part of our freight forwarding services.

You know what you want, we make it happen.

Contact us now to discuss your shipping requirements.