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Freight & Logistics Consulting

Freight & Logistics Consulting

Our freight and logistics consulting service is perfect for companies requiring specialist freight jobs.

These can include projects such as;

  • Arranging the dismantling and relocating of a factory or processing plant.
  • Import of new factory or processing plant equipment to Australia.
  • Setting up a new business where you need someone working and negotiating on behalf of your company.
  • Providing additional knowledge and support to an in-house team.

Engaging a freight consultant, especially an experienced one like us, can be very cost and time effective for your company. We at SPLS, headed by Mark Salmon, can ensure that the rates you pay and the companies you hire are the best for the task at hand.

Essentially, you have Mark’s more than 40 years of experience working for you to accomplish your objectives. Our freight consulting service can help your projects be completed safely and on-budget.

Our Freight Consulting Service Fees

We charge an upfront engagement fee payable prior to the initial consultation to discuss the scope of work involved in your project. We also use this consultation to set up preliminary time frames and expectations for all parties involved.

Why do we charge for the initial freight consultation?

The scope of research and work dedicated to large one-off projects is often considerable. Even during the initial call, Mark can give you a huge amount of advice and information suitable for your project.

This knowledge alone is often as valuable as the freight consulting engagement fee. Sometimes it may be all you need to actually arrange the job yourself. At the least, it can set your company in the right direction moving forward. Of course, we are also happy for further involvement in the arrangement of any freight requirements you have.

If you are interested in the freight and logistics consulting service, please contact Mark directly.  Fill in our Contact Form all call on 02 9706 5996 to discuss your needs.