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Cargo Types

Over the many years we have been in operation, we have transported almost every type of cargo.

Below are many of the types of cargo we have the ability to handle. ship at dock

1) Earthmoving machinery, components and parts.

2) Agricultural machinery, components and parts.

  • including windmills, fencing materials & components.

3) Racking and shelving.

4) Wine.

5) Craft Beer Exports.

6) Building materials.

7) Machinery whether or not complete or broken down, requiring special handling. Including;

  • Milling machinery.
  • Woodworking machinery.
  • Metalworking machinery.
  • Presses.

8) Joinery and components for store fit-outs, such as;

  • Lighting.
  • Office furniture.

9) Rolling stock and components and other machinery and equipment related to all things rail.

10) Portable housing units for mine camps.

11) Drilling machinery, components and parts.

12) Ground handling vehicles and equipment, including;

  • Ambulances.
  • Buses.
  • Emergency vehicles.
  • Police vehicles and vans.
  • Fire engines/tenders.

13) Concrete pumping machinery and components – whether or not fitted to trucks

14) Trucks and heavy vehicles.

15) Access machinery – cherry pickers and the like.

16) Cranes and lifting machinery.

17) Pontoons.

18) Yachts/sailing craft/leisure craft/commercial vessels and components.

19) Self-pack containers for DIY overseas household removals or relocations.containers

20) Transportation of your car – either in a container or RORO where possible.

21) And yes, we of course also handle FCL and LCL general commercial cargo.

If there is any type of cargo you want to ship internationally, come and speak with us. Our experience, contacts and knowledge will help you get your goods safely to their destination.