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Factory Relocations and Removals

I need my factory dismantled, packed, shipped and relocated in Australia or Overseas?

Specialist Cargo

How can you help me?

In my career of 40 plus years – I have quite frequently seen jobs go to the lowest tender regardless of quality of work.

If the wrong or ‘make do’ equipment is used to save costs and there is a problem – which happens more often than not – any ‘savings’ are outweighed by the cost of damage to your valuable equipment and any additional costs in rectifying mistakes.

This is why I now choose to work on a commission or consultancy basis for your company.

I can negotiate the best rates for you directly, ensure the correct equipment is used and oversee the safety and security aspects for your expensive machinery all the way from start to finish.

You will be surprised how working at this level can ultimately save you time, give you the best overall result including peace of mind and you will be pleasantly surprised a the cost of doing business with me.

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Your Factory Removal and Relocation Can Be Handled With Ease

Keep reading below and find out why you would benefit from using my services.


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How does your consultancy work?

Why should we talk to you…

Firstly, you ask for an initial ‘proposal of works’ from me.

I will determine what the job scope requires, initial costings, time frames and so on. This is all based on the information you give me, so please give me as accurate information as you can.

This document I will provide you with is very detailed and includes recommendations of companies and equipment needed for the job.

The preparation of this initial proposal of works will cost you a fee of $1500 plus GST if applicable. Which will be deducted from my consultancy fee when you hire me.


Specialist Cargo

What sorts of things do you cover in your scope of work?

What ever you need me to cover.

Depending on your requirements, it can include the total job from start to finish. Or specialist parts of the overall removal only. It is wholly dependent upon what your requirements are and what you need.

In terms of organising the job, getting quotes and booking and hiring of any specialist equipment, any site visits, travel or personal overseeing of the task is an additional cost which would be paid for directly by your company.

This can actually save you money in the greater scheme of things as there is no ‘padding’ of the costs.

How do we contact you?

To begin the process.

Either call me on my personal mobile 0412 099 295 or send me an email at and put ‘Factory Removal’ in the subject line.

My $1500 fee is required to be paid up front before any work begins on the initial proposal of works.