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Self-Pack Shipping Containers For Overseas Relocations

Thinking of Moving Overseas From Australia? – Self-Pack Shipping Containers May Be the Way.

If you want to save money with your international freight shipping then you should consider your own self-pack shipping containers.

All your household goods can typically fit within a single container. You can even take your car with you.

Here is how it works:

  • We supply the shipping container. The shipping container size is chosen to suit your needs.
  • You pack the container yourself, saving you money.
  • We ship the container to your destination, taking care of all the fiddly bits.

Much of what you pay for with a full-service shipping provider, you can do yourself if you want to save money.

To find out more read this blog post here.

Contact us if you would like guidance or more information. We have helped many people relocate overseas with their household of goods.

On your side, it requires a few phone calls and time with a few friends to help you pack up your goods.

From our side, we help take care of all the details. From arranging a shipping quote, through scheduling, transportation, customs clearance and documentation, we will help you through the process.

What if your company is paying for your move?

Then our advice is to use a full-service relocation company – they will take care of everything.

This method is for those who are willing to do some work and save some on the relocation costs.