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What do I need to do at the port of destination when relocating?

Firstly, you need to know any regulations and what will happen at the other end.

There may be rules concerning temporary or permanent residence (eg, Thailand has different rules and taxes for Thai nationals moving back there from “foreigners” moving there to live).

Any quarantine regulations and so on.

Every country will have documentation for you to complete with various declarations.

Many countries will allow your import containers to move from the port directly to your residence, but some (like Australia) may require inspection and/or unpack of your container.

However this goes, it is always advisable for you to appoint an expert at the other end who will attend to all your requirements before you ship the goods from here.

That way we can consign any documents to them and maintain control over your shipment at all times.

There may also be requirements for the importation of motor vehicles and the like – for example right hand vs left hand drive, age of vehicles and so on.

You would need to be very clear on what you can and cannot do beforehand. you would not like to find out after the event that you cant bring this in – all costs for compliance, repairs and even disposal would be for your account.

Or some countries prohibit the importation of motor bikes above a certain cc.

And of course, the port and shipping line will not care about any time delays caused.

Bottom line – check and know what you can or cannot do beforehand.

We are not set up to advise you on Customs and importing matters in other countries.

We can give you links to Customs at the other end. Mostly the rules are the rules, but the more obscure the country you are moving to, the more likely that things may not be as they seem.