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And you thought your money was being spent wisely!

The M5 was a bit of a disaster from the start. 4 lanes each way down to 2. Cutting costs and increasing pollution because of the exhaust stacks.

And now, this very essential work! That involves a program of resurfacing along the full length of the M5 east freeway.

For any of you who use this, I am sure you are asking yourself – why? There are no potholes like in any number of other roads we use…..

But, it must be essential, otherwise why would our government waste our money?

And, even worse, this is having severe effects on transport to and from the airport, Port Botany and all those other businesses in the area.

Must be extremely necessary, otherwise why would you inconvenience so many people and businesses?

If you need to drive there, please allow extra time, and drive safely.