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Consultancy – We Work For You

If your company has a specialist freight job, such as arranging the dismantling and relocating of a factory or processing plant.

Or your company is setting up new business and you need someone working or negotiating on behalf of your company – then you just might require Mark’s expertise.

A freight consultant can be very cost and time effective for your company.

We can ensure the rates you pay and the companies you hire are the best for the task at hand.

Essentially – you have Mark’s experience working for you to accomplish your objective.

There is a $1500 upfront payment to engage in an initial consultation to discuss the scope of work involved and to set up preliminary time frames and expectations.

Why do we charge for the initial consultation?

Mark can give you a huge amount of advice and information on the initial call – this knowledge is valuable and sometimes it may be all you need to actually arrange the job yourself – or at least set you in the right direction for your company.

If you are interested in this service, then contact Mark directly on his email to set up an initial consultation.