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How do I prepare my car for shipment to New Zealand

Your car will need to be cleaned and vacuumed thoroughly.  New Zealand’s bio security standards are very high. 

Ensure that all food stuffs, spills and the like are removed and cleaned. export car to New Zealand

Check that any plant material and insects or bugs have been cleaned both from the inside and the outside of the car.

Also when delivering your car to the port for loading onto a RORO (roll on roll off) vessel – insure that the petrol tank is no more than one quarter full. 

This is enough fuel for the loading of the car and for your pick up of the car in New Zealand.

Please ensure you clean your car thoroughly or you may well have to pay for cleaning on the New Zealand side again.

Do not put any personal effects in the car – the service is to export of cars only.

Below are some links and a download which may be useful to you

Ministry For Primary Industries – Bio Security

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Booklet – Cleaning Your Car


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