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Shipping Your Car Overseas? What is a Carnet de passage…

Are you wanting to take your car overseas when you travel?

You may be interested in investigating what a carnet is and how it may be of use to you.  Passport for your car

Shipping your car to another country if you are intending to reside there is a fairly straight forward process. 

  1. Have you car steam cleaned this end, make sure you have all of your papers in order plus insurance.
  2. Arrange the shipping whether by RORO or shipping container through an agent such as ourselves.
  3. When your car arrives at its end destination, it will need to be checked for road worthiness and so on, then any taxes, customs duties and any other fees will need to be paid. 

We recommend pre paying any local port charges this end before you leave.

And we also advise engaging a local customs agent to handle the destination process for you.

shipping your car overseasBut what if you are travelling for a short while and want to take your car with you?

This is where a carnet may be suitable for you. 

This is temporary import document which allows you to take your car to other countries  without paying the same sort of import fees that would apply normally.

A carnet is available from the AAA or RAC.

Their websites also have a list of countries that accept carnets and also lists the costs involved in applying for one.

Generally a carnet is available for 12 months, although you can extend it for another 12 months – fees will apply.

Find out from the automobile association of the country you are visiting as to what will be expected when you arrive in the country. 

It also pays to check out the local homeland affairs department or customs department or local equivalent is to verify the procedure you will need to go through when you and your car arrive.   

And also to check on any fees and so on – work our whether it is worth it to take your car with you  as opposed to either renting or buying a car locally.

car shippingUseful Links for the following information

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What Countries do you require a Carnet for?

Who can get one

Cost of a carnet

What you will need.

Conditions of use.

Below are some links to help you find out where and how to obtain a carnet.

Australian Automobile Association

The Royal Automobile Club of WA

Department of Local Infrastructure and Regional Development