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Renting or Buying Shipping Containers for Freight Forwarding? Which is Best?

Should You Rent or Buy Shipping Containers for Freight Forwarding?
When considering international freight forwarding for any purpose, there are many decisions that need to be made. Whether importing or exporting stock for business purposes or moving house overseas, making the […]

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Calculating Freight Costs For International Shipping

Calculating Shipping Freight Costs – Weight and Volume
Calculating freight costs when importing or exporting can be a daunting task. Not only that, but they can also have a considerable impact on the final price of goods that are being transported.
Some […]

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A Quick Guide to Buying Shipping Containers

A Quick Guide to Buying Shipping Containers
If you are looking at shipping containers for sale, here is a quick guide to help.
SPLS can help find and purchase a container on your behalf.
Reasons for purchasing a shipping container
Shipping containers are also […]

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Sending goods overseas for aid, charity or donation purposes?

Australians are amongst the greatest donators for humanitarian reasons in the world.
This is all well and good and gives us a great sense of feeling like we are doing good things, but often the sentiment can be in conflict with […]

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Exporting Cars From Australia To Tonga

Car Freight From Australia to Tonga
There are numerous reasons why people wish to arrange car freight to Tonga;

Purchasing new or second-hand vehicles in Australia is considered preferable to purchasing vehicles from dealers in Tonga.
Sometimes people want to take their vehicles […]

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What size shipping container do I need?

Choosing a Shipping Container.
When selecting a shipping container, the most common decision is whether you will want a 40′ or 20′ container.
There are other types of shipping containers available, however, they are typically only relevant for specialised usage.
Much of this […]

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Free On Board / FOB – what does this shipping term mean?

Shipping Terminology – FOB = Free On Board.
Free On Board, typically shortened to FOB, is a common shipping and sales term.
Free On Board refers to a type of agreement between the exporter (shipper or seller) and the importer (buyer or […]

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Dangers of Not Having Marine Cargo Insurance

What Your Risk Without Shipping Insurance
Shipping insurance is there to protect you when the unexpected happens. Most importantly, good freight insurance is there to limit your loss when something goes badly wrong.
My sincere apologies if I am banging on about […]

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Are you relocating internationally from Australia?

A Freight Plan Saves You Money and Gives You Peace of Mind

We all know what a huge task moving house can be. But when you’re moving overseas, that experience is not only daunting, it’s expensive. A clear freight plan is […]

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Moving Overseas | Buying Your Own Shipping Container

Should You Buy Your Own Cargo Container For International Relocation?
In some cases, purchasing a shipping or cargo container for an international move can be a viable option.
Normally when goods are shipping overseas (commercial or otherwise) a temporary container provided by […]

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