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Category Archives: Importing & Exporting

Articles for importing goods to Australia or exporting goods from Australia to other countries.

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Wine exports to China

It probably comes as no surprise that Australia’s wine exports to China are surging. The U.S. still remains the major market for Australian wines, but the U.K. has slipped to our third major market behind China. For the most part, […]

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LCL Export of Craft Beer

If you are wanting to export your craft beer outside of Australia, then below are some pointers to keep in mind when organising your cargo for shipment.
Craft beer usually travels in temperature controlled containers (called reefers).
Unfortunately the only export trade […]

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How To Ship Export Wine From Australia

Wine is exported from Australia in three different ways:
Bulk – in ISO tanks.
ISO tanks come with a variety of litre capacities. The most common used for export from Australia is 21000L because of the road weight restrictions. These tanks are […]

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